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Erin Gemstone Ring

Erin Gemstone Ring

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Designed to be worn alone or stacked these single stone rings are exquisite with a beautiful fine band, with many gemstones for you to choose from.


Vibrant purple in colour, Amethyst is known to enhance your intuition, bestowing stability, strength, and inner peace. It is a powerful tool to help with anxiety and fear.


Golden orange in colour, this is a joyous energizing crystal that exudes happiness, courage, hope and warmth. It is said to hold the energy of the sun, enhancing self-esteem and self-expression and attract abundance and prosperity into your life. 

Copper Turquoise

Copper Turquoise is a stunning sky blue and copper in colour. Wearing this is said to bring good fortune, protection, and abundance. It is a crystal that raises your life force and aids with communication and creativity. It is said to be a symbol of wealth, increasing your intuitive abilities.


Rich green in colour, this ‘stone of successful love’, nurtures the heart and promotes self-love and the giving and receiving of love.


A gemstone deep red in colour, this revitalizes, purifies, and balances your energy, bringing serenity or passion as you need it. Garnet is said to balance your sex drive and alleviate anxieties while opening your heart to sensuality and self-empowerment.


Lapis Lazuli

Rich blue in colour. If you are drawn to Lapis Lazuli it is a sign that you’re ready for spiritual transformation! When you meditate with this gemstone, it will help your mind reveal the truth about who you truly are.


Iridescent blue in colour, this stone of transformation is a useful companion through change, bringing strength, and perseverance. Labradorite balances, protects the aura, and raises awareness. It is said to stimulate the throat, the voice of the body.


Fresh green in colour, this gemstone is eloquent and creative bringing joy and happiness. It is associated with strength and balance, activating your Heart energy centre helping you to self-regulate your emotions.


Rainbow moonstone

Iridescent white in colour, this gemstone is associated with the moon and thus a wonderfully helpful stone for balancing female energies. A stone for new beginnings, it is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope.

Rose Quartz

Pastel pink in colour, Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It is the ultimate stone for love in all forms and is said to promote self-love, attract love into your life and soothe oneself in times of grief.


A deep red in colour, this gemstone is passionate and stimulates the flow of life-force energy through your body. It is a powerful stone to help you meet your needs and bring your desires to life.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Grey in colour, this gemstone dissipates blocked energy and negativity which in turn is said to aid in helping you to relax. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it assists grounding, centering, and enhancing awareness of oneself and all around you.


Deep blue in colour, wearing this gemstone is said to unearth the wisdom within. Sapphire enhances concentration and creativity, promoting purity and depth of thought. It is believed to focus and calm the mind, ease unwanted thoughts, depression and mental tension. 


Product Details & Care

·        14ct Gold plated sterling silver / Hallmarked for authenticity

·        1 Micron plating

·        Anti-tarnish finish

·        Gemstone centre stone measures 5mm

·        Wear this item with care – they are delicate

·        Sizes listed are in US size

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14ct Gold plated sterling silver / Hallmarked for authenticity

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